Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rhubarb and birds

I bought this birdbath on one of my day trips last summer, it is made of cement imprinted with a large rhubarb leaf. Last summer I had it in the front of the house under a tree near my garden but hardly every saw it there. Neighbourhood dogs drank from it but I don't think many birds splashed in it. This year, I have moved it to the back, on the edge of my deck. The rhubarb is growing next to it; I think it looks very nice.

However, trouble lurks. A little cat has moved in to the neighbourhood and he has decided he likes my patio. He crawls under the fence and sits near the rhubarb birdbath and the other taller one. I think he is after the birds! I like him even though he isn't very friendly...but I think I enjoy the birds more. At dinner tonight I saw the kitty sitting right under the bird feeder! Two birdbaths, a feeder full of niger seed and I haven't seen a bird around for a few days. A battle is about to begin.

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