Sunday, August 2, 2009

More shopping adventures

This is a ceramic container I picked up at Costco years ago, it was full of candy or cookies--I forget which.  I now use it sometimes as a cookie jar but mostly as a soup tureen.  Today I am using it as my photoshop subject. 

I wanted to blur the background, especially that window to the left but I didn't want the foreground or the jar blurred.  I selected the area I wanted to keep sharp then made a new layer by copy.  Then I selected the upper part of the background, excluding most of the counter, feathered the selection and added a gaussian blur.  Now the problem is that there is some kind of glow behind the jar that makes me want rub my eyes.  The upper part of the jar seems blurred but when I checked that layer alone, it was good.  I couldn\t figure out how to fix it.

On the positive side, I am pleased that the counter foreground is clear and pleased with how it blends into the blurred part.  

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