Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stewed Quince

Craig is on a fruit binge, going to the Asian fruit store every few days and selecting all kinds of strange things I never see in the regular grocery store. The latest thing he brought home were a few fresh quinces. Neither of us knew what to do with them so he googled and found that they are best stewed or made into jam. As he peeled and cored the quince we tasted it and found it very dry but pleasantly tangy sweet. The dryness made us understand why you must cook it. The rest of this story you can see in the slide show but . . .sorry, you won't be able to catch the amazing fragrance! The finished dish was simply amazing! So good I had difficulty to stop eating them. Pleasant texture, fragrant, almost perfumed, complex taste. I am looking forward to a dish of stewed quince with vanilla yogurt for breakfast this morning. Will definitely do this one again.I kept some of the seeds...I wonder if they will grow?

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