Sunday, December 27, 2009

Clean up!

I can't stand the Christmas clutter for very long.  This year my tree was up extra early because I bought a new one so today or perhaps tomorrow I will take it down and get the house back to normal. 

One thing I will miss, when it is gone, is turkey!  I love the leftovers, almost more than the first meal.  Maybe the reason I love them so much is that the work is done.  I don't do much with turkey leftovers, just a good turkey soup with the carcass, one leftover meal and then finally, turkey sandwiches with mayo and sweet pickle...sometimes toasted with bacon and tomato.  Mmmm!

Our Thanksgiving turkey was a nightmare; I overcooked it. The darned bird was 22 pounds (how I got it is another story, best left alone) and to get it cooked I used an oven bag.  Good idea but I didn't know how much faster they cook in a bag!  It was not only overdone, it burned.  Christmas meal came along and this turkey I chose myself--a smaller, more manageable 12 pounds.  We were five for dinner (as we were at Thanksgiving) and it was plenty for dinner and plenty for lots of sandwiches.  The carcass even fit in the soup pot. 

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