Friday, June 11, 2010

A few hours on a warm rock

Paul brought me down to the beach yesterday afternoon. He said even if we just sit in the car, it would be good sunshine and a change of scenery...he helped me over to the rocks, which were warm and I sat there for a couple of hours, feeling the wind in my hair and face, watching sunbathers, and people walk their dogs and listening to the lake--all through bleary eyes and ears.

I began to feel some energy return and was happy for that. My vision is still very bad and I am weak. Mostly, it feels like I am drunk, totally stoned drunk--but my thinking is not drunk-- and the only thing I have had is my medicine.

Paul is still calling and reaching people who can help get me into a study. Many people will not talk to him but he keeps trying and has made a lot of progress. Stanford, Buffalo, Barrie and Bulgaria (the doctor in Bulgaria is working with the Italian doctor who discovered the Liberation treatment for his wife) are places I may have a chance to be seen. He is also calling people in the Canadian Government.

This morning I took 14 prednisone pills and a Xantac to settle the tummy. My head is eventually going to clear and I will feel better.

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