Friday, June 26, 2009

Myer Lemon Tree is coming along nicely

I am enjoying this little tree.  Bought it at an Asian Mall, they get the nicest plants, and I have been nurturing it on the patio.  I noticed yesterday that the heat (and humidity) of the past few days has given it a little boost.  Yes, summer began full force on June 21. There are blooms on almost every cluster of leaves and some lemons have begun to form.  I am SO enjoying them! My patio has a north exposure to the light is much stronger than in the house but no full sun comes until late day.  There will not be too much of an adjustment when I bring it in at the end of summer to its winter home in my south exposure hallway.  This method has worked for my Key Lime and Madarina trees for a few years, they make great advances on the patio each summer.  One of these summers, I will be taking your orders for citrus fruit, I imagine. *wink*

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