Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Bat in my bedroom

A bat flying about my bedroom woke me up at 4:00 AM.  I heard fluttering on the mattress beside me then something hit the fan.  I bolted up from sleep.  I thought someone was in the house, it took a while to realize it was a bat. I put the lights on and he disappeared. I mustered some courage and crept downstairs, turning lights on as I moved forward and I got to my laptop, put a message on Facebook and began to  Google "how to get rid of a bat in the house."  Everything I found told me not to kill it but to wear gloves, and gather it in a towel and move it outside. I knew I could NOT pick it up with a towel.  I was too frightened to even look for it.  I sent an email to my boss telling him about my dilemma and that I would be late, maybe not even make it in today.  He emailed me when he woke up and was very understanding, suggested I call pest control if I couldn't manage.  I sent an email to my condo property management company asking if any people in my block had complained of a bat problem.  I could handle the telephone and computer...sitting on the couch but wasn't comfortable moving around the house. 

After daylight I called my son, he promised to come soon. Craig arrived while I was on the telephone in the bedroom with the door shut. I didn't even know he was in the house, he checked upstairs first, then the basement and quickly found him near the ceiling.  He picked him off the wall with a tea towel and came into the bedroom (I gasped!) and calmly announced, "it's ok, I got him."  Second reaction from me was relief, third one "THAT'S MY TEA TOWEL!"  He told me to come and watch him let it go.  It didn't move for quite a while when he put it in the garden box, it seemed stunned but eventually got its bearings and hopped under the holly shrub.  I guess it will fly away tonight.

My boss and his director simultaneously broke into song--the theme from Batman--when I came to the office around lunchtime.  

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