Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do Horizontal Stripes Make Me Look Fat?

Lollipop is wearing her new T-Shirt! This morning when we came in, her belly wasn't covered in wet sand from the pathways. She is dozing on the duvet now. She enjoyed visiting yesterday especially after they brought Winston, that noisy nosey Boston Terrier out of the room! Winston loves her but she is pretty sure she doesn't love him!
At bedtime last night, she ignored her crate when we went to the bedroom...made herself comfortable on the duvet. I felt sorry but had to put her in the crate. To my surprise, she didn't complain . . . Yay!!! She just walked in and turned around a few times before dropping down for a nice sleep. God love her! She is so easy to train.
She recognized her former owner who dropped by with her papers. Lolli's tail began to wag at great speed but the lady paid little attention to her. It made me feel sad. Anyway, Lollipop was delighted to see everyone, especially the children. She kept coming back to me for a little rest when she needed it. We have bonded!
Lolli is a Shih Poo, i.e. half Shih Tzu and half Poodle. She came from a local breeder who has a booth at our local Flea Market.
I will be looking for her new crate would be nice but we'll see what is available. I want to return the one Glenn and Grace lent us. Grace's sister told me about a supplement (Angel Eyes) I can add to her food and water which will prevent tear stains. We called the pet store and they are holding a bottle for me.
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