Friday, January 27, 2012

Lollipop Rolling in the Duvet

She loves the duvet...but I won't let her on the bed until she has been outside. She peed on it the other night, that is why the cover is off. She acts like this duvet is alive, she rolls, jumps on the puffs, burrows under it and whimpers because she is lost in the folds. I get her untangled and she does it all again!
We had a nice walk at 6:00 AM. It was lightly raining. Who would ever have thought I would be out in the rain at such an hour! I get dressed as soon as I get up, and when I am done I let Lolli out of her crate. Last night she slept through the night with no wimpering. She is excited and joyous to come out of her crate! We go right downstairs to the door, she waits while I put my coat and boots on and I make her sit nice at the door. And she has to "stay" while I open the door. When it opens I go out first and then I tell her "ok, come!" and she leaps out! I can't have her tripping me as we go out for our walk, I have enough trouble getting around as it is! Besides, this is what Caesar Millan recommends--show her you are the leader by going out first. We had a quick walk, twice around the complex. Lollipop stopped twice to pee and she got half a peanut each time. I had to put her in the sink as soon as we got home and spray/rinse her underside with warm water. She was quite wet and full of sand. They put so much sand on the walkways every time it snows but at least in here is is only sand and not salt too. The dogs we met this morning were not as friendly as the ones we met yesterday. Maybe better luck on the next walk.
She had some breakfast (kibble for small breeds) and some water. Then she watched me make the coffee and empty the dishwasher. I shared a tablespoon of my no-fat Greek yogurt w/peaches with her...she can have some people food, since she seems to be already very familiar with it but I will wean her to lean chicken and yogurt and it has to be in her dish, never from the table. She is agreeable to that; she is just thankful I am sharing.
Well, that's early morning done. We are going shopping later this morning for some things she needs, like a coat to protect her belly from wet sand, a few toys, a new crate so we can return the one my son lent us. I have a list of things we need. Lollipop will come shopping with me. She will sit in my purse, zipped up with her head out. She loves it!
She fell asleep while I was posting this.
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